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Jakub Míchal

It took me a while to get onto Johana’s busy teaching schedule, she’s got a lot of students so I was on a waiting list for a long time. During my fist lesson I asked Johana to sing for me. A lot of instructors teach but cannot sing which would not work for me. Needless to say, Johana blew me away… tone, range, flexibility, etc. she made it look effortless and easy! I’ve been taking voice lessons from Johana for almost a year and have greatly improved my overall understanding of the voice and how it works, singing technique, overall voice, tone as well as my confidence singing in front of other people. Johana is not afraid to push you very hard to achieve your goals, she does not give up and will often try multiple approaches to get you where you need to be as a performer, not just a singer. Taking lessons once per week gave me good initial results, so much so that I felt I should move to two lessons a week. The more time I can spend learning, the better. There’s lots to learn when it comes to singing and performing – Johana is a very experienced and professional teacher and performer. I have recommended her to no less than four of my friends, most of whom will become her pupils once her schedule opens up!So, just over one year after starting my voice/performance lessons from Johana, I will have my first live concert. With the skills I’ve learned thus far, I can hardly wait!””
JR Smith
„I always thought that it’s not necessary to look for a vocal coach but after several years of the wrong way of singing and a hurting throat and losing my voice after band-rehearsals or concerts, I decided to give it a try and luckily I found Johana, because her lessons were even more than just totally worth it! She is a great teacher which figures out exactly what kind of help you need and then shows you how to use your voice properly and how to take care of it. Already after the first two lessons I knew much more about singing-techniques and I could sing much more relaxed and powerfully than I could ever before. And from then on, Johana pushed me a lot to work on what she taught me and almost everytime, from lesson to lesson I could feel another big step of progress, which was amazing. I felt like she really really took care of me, which makes the working very comfortable and pleasant. After only 4 months my voice-range has been increased a lot and really rapidly as well. After that time my voice was not anymore thin, insecure and shaking at critical points but fat, secure and full of volume! Thank you a lot Johana, as well for your great warming-up-exercises which I’m still using before every rehearsal and every concert and which rescued me while a 2 weeks vocal-recording-marathon.”
Jonas Pommnitz
“I’ve been taking lessons from Johana for around 6 months now. I had tried a few teachers before her but I was still a beginner. Johana does a great job teaching you how to take care of your voice and how to use it correctly. She is also a great teacher in how to perform, she has encouraged me to achieve my goals and to get out of my comfort zone. I feel that this is the first time I’ve made such a progress though I had tried some teachers before. She has helped me to get the confidence to sing in front of others and my vocal technique has improved a lot!!! I would recommend her to anyone, both beginners and more advanced! Thank you so much for everything Johana :)”
Steinunn Hlíf Gudmundsdottir
“Meeting my band was nice from the repertoire and the frendship point of view. At the beginning the drummer told me, that I have no vocal technique. On facebook I found Johana Teryngerová. I contacted her, although I have no idea, hoe does she teach, what kind of personality she is and what is it all going to be about. Right now I am attending her lessons regularly and don’t need to know, whether there is any better vocal coach, because my voice, self-confidence and performance is more much sure. Collaboration with Joan is really a benefit. Thank you.”
Martina Štercová
„Thanks to Johana I’ve found out, what singing actually is about, what possibilities it offers to us and how much joy it can bring. After each of the lessons I felt more self-confident and I wanted to work on my skills more and more. Johana was the third person I was having lessons with, however, it was her, who gave me all the technical knowledge. With her I’ve realised, that my vocal reange is bigger than one octave. I would recommend the singing lessons with Johana to everyone, who wants to move forward in this field (she is professional and she simply knows, how to teach it) and also to everyone, who wants to work on his or her self-confidence in singing and feel great about it.“
Veronika Žďárková
„Good news – even after four hours of singing with my band I am ok and my vocal chords are functioning normaly 🙂 Thanks to Johana Teryngerová my vocal chords work almost perfectly, there is no tension there. More than half a year there are no problems with my voice… If someone is looking for a really good vocal coach, I highly recommend her… I’ve already tried couple of other vocal coach before and not every vocal coach knows, how to teach… I can show you photo from my phoniatrist 🙁 so, be careful…“
Maya Baranová
„I started attending Joan’s classes when I was a total amateur, having no self-confidence in singing. With her personal approach she was a great mentor to me, almost like my personal psychologist. And apart from that – it was fun 🙂 I recommend Joan to everyone, who wants to move further, because the vocal chords are due to some mysterious reasons working with her!“
Petr Pejko
Johana is a big inspiration for me. For the first time in my life I’ve decided to contact someone, who would tell me on which level is my singing and if it makes sence to work on it at all. I didn’t expected such a spontaneous and enthusiastic reaction, which enpowered me to work on myself. Every lesson is so intensive and easy going all at once. Johana has an unusual combination of behaviours, skills and abilities, which all together makes a unique personality. I appreciate her for her natural empathy, the ability of motivating and finding the right way for each and every voice. I believe, that she would be able to make everyone sing. Her way of teaching is very holistic, and therefore so efficient. I never felt so good when singing. With Johana I am learning, how could and should a singer feel and to move the boundaries further on. Thank you, Johana. I am looking forward for our next time together.”
Monika Domincová
“I am not a beginner in singing. After finishing the conservatory (classical singing) I have decided to learn to sing pop and rock the healthy way. I was afraid, that I will meet a teacher, who will cause some damage to my voice. Fortunately I’ve met Joan, which is able to teach singing to everyone, who wants to and the healthy way. The magic is in very easy explanation of singing technique. The progress in singing has been proved. If you want to sing well in any genre, contact Joan. There are lots of teachers in the world, but only a few of them can pass on their skills and education like Joan does. I am happy, that I’ve met Joan and I am looking forward for the next lesson :)”
Lucie Galíčková
“Johana’s a really well-rounded teacher. Through her, I’ve learned how to breathe, and that alone has done so much, even beyond the realm of singing. Then, she has helped me to think about phrasing, about how to really communicate music, how to warm up. I’ve loved every minute of her lessons.”
Valentina Huber
“One of the most valuable things you can give to someone is to teach him something.You will keep the knowledge for your whole life. Johana is not only an great singer, but a great teacher as well! For some years I’ve been already into music (I play, sing, compose). But since I’ve come to Johana, I’ve found out many new possibilities. Since this time singing has been not only a way of expressing my thoughts and music creativity for me, but a great experience as well. Now I see, that in the past I used my voice for like 15%. After 8 months of having lessons I have much bigger range and stronger voice. Johana is helping me to find my true voice and through this I discover a new part of my personality. I am greatful for that and I am looking forward to new discoveries.”
Pavlína Mikolášová
„I highly recommend Johanna as a vocal instructor. She helped me to expand my vocal range, boost my confidence and improve my showmanship. She taught me the correct way to breathe and how to use my diaphragm to unleash the power of my voice. Her lessons are fun and informative, and also a bit of a workout! After spending a few minutes warming up the voice and body, she has the student perform exercises which train and develop the vocal cords, larynx and sinus cavities. Her technique shows you how to use not only your chest and lungs, but also your whole head, nasal cavities and even your lower and upper back to breathe properly and produce the true and honest sound of your voice. Next she has you work on real singing, which means you’ll be singing songs that you choose, to put these methods into practice. With her high quality microphones and PA system she encourages you to let loose and be as loud and powerful as you can be, without any worry from the neighbors. By the end of the lesson you’ll be able to hear and feel improvement in your voice. You’ll be a bit exhausted, but free from injury as Johanna takes special care in making sure that you don’t strain your vocal cords, or injure your voice in any way. Throughout the lesson she continually asks how your throat is feeling as her main priority is the overall health of the voice. I recommend Johanna to you without reservation. If you choose her as a teacher perhaps we’ll meet at her regular ‘jam sessions’ which she hosts for her students. This gives everybody a chance to put into practice all their hard work, and perform in front of a live audience. Good luck.“
Beau Pelletier