Therapy Through Singing

Mgr. Johana Teryngerová, PhD.


  • Singer, vocal coach, course and workshop lecturer.
  • Described as a “tender dragon“ who will pull out tones you didn\'t even know you had.
  • Has sang and played piano from the age of 6 and performed in her first band at the age of 14.
  • Graduate of Musicology, Music Theory and Pedagogy.
  • Discovered the secret of professional singing whilst performing in Germany and The Netherlands.
  • Expert in singing multiple genres of music including: Rock, Metal, Jazz and Classical music. She has worked and collaborated with Václav Kramář (Pavel Šporcl´s Sporcelain, Ostaš), Marek Abrahám (Fleret), Pavel Bříza (Petr Bende Band), Jakub Šimáně (Javory Beat), Martin “Pospe“ Pospíšil (Tranzan), Tomáš Pálka (Koncergence) and Tomáš Bayer (Narcotic Fields).
  • Teaches in three languages – Czech, English and German.
  • Strong believer that music has healing powers and in today´s hectic world it can brings us back to our inner-self.
  • Loving mother and partner but also a great teacher and professional who really knows how to do things right.
  • Author and motivator. Jo works to inspire others to live a true life.
  • Helps vocalist to discover the hidden potential within their voice.

Music charmed me in my early childhood.

From very early on, my parents introduced me to the fascinating atmosphere of concerts. I stood there totally amazed and transfixed by the “other“ reality of art and musicians.

At one event I remember asking my parents
“Is the lady who\'s singing drunk?“
 I was told that that this is how singers behave, they perceive the music and perform in this way.

Whilst being on stage, you are not just a mother, daughter or partner any more, you are in a trance and most singers transform into this other reality in response to the power of music. I totally fell in love with it. From that moment on I knew that music was my future, life and passion.

From personal experience I have found that the most important thing in singing is singing itself.

It\'s that simple! Just take the first step and begin. I combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and thanks to this I now have the know-how and can catapult my students in a short space of time towards success.

I have always been a strong advocate that music is healing and have been able to verify this many times in my own practice.

The most apparent confirmation I have found is the power of natural tuning which is extremely calming and helps us to move on in all aspects of life.

I see music as a relaxing loving island which functions as a counterpoint to our crazy sped up world. The only thing you have to do is to calm down and be with your own voice and music.

At first I didn’t want to teach singing at all. While studying I had grand dreams of being a Rock Star, convinced that my future was selling out big concert halls.

I remember how angry I was when someone called me a Music Teacher.

But I decided to try it out and help other people to sing. I was very surprised to learn that I was actually really good at it! My pupils were growing as singers but also in their personal life under my guidance. It was then that I realised that I had a big gift – I can teach.

My way of being a business woman and a singing coach.

The business side happened completely by accident. Up until then I was trying to teach in various schools but was thoroughly unhappy working there. I found it frustrating that I always had to fit into some stupid rules, or endure some old fashioned teachers looking down on me because I dared to use the microphone whilst teaching!

Not understanding that microphone work is not only great for learning live performance technique but that that human voice has two registers and so the use of the mic is important.

My second reason for quitting the “official way” of teaching was that I realised that I wanted to work with people who are not only interested in my coaching but who also want to work on themselves.

Before I started to work as a free lancer I was teaching at a grammar school as a music teacher and it was torture. I taught students who hated the entire institution and music education most of all (and there is no wonder, with today’s school system).

I believe that everyone can sing.

I have a special attitude to teaching because I am not a typical vocal coach. I believe that everyone can sing and therefore create a tailor made program for each student individually. I have taught people who have been rejected by other singing teachers (sometimes even five times). I feel that I am actually not teaching in a common way, in a lot of ways I am more like a guide who helps people to do something they already once could do but have forgotten it due to all the stress and worries of life. A big aspect of my work is therapeutic. I perceive the student always as a whole personality not just if they are able to sing this or that tone.


Profesionální lektorka zpěvu
kurz zpěvu johana teryngerová
terapie zpěvem s živou kapelou, výuka zpěvu johana teryngerová
kurzy zpěvu johany teryngerové
johana teryngerová gregory darling
isua výuka zpěvu johana teryngerová

My happiness comes from
my students success.

I find my job very demanding at times, because I work with human voice, with the inner side of the pupils I often have people open up in front of me. I have experienced a whole rage of emotions from tears to happiness and even assisting in solving various problems. Therefore I have to spend some time in solitude to calm myself and clear the air so to speak so I can help the next person who walks through my door.