I believe that everyone can sing.

terapie zpěvem s živou kapelou, výuka zpěvu johana teryngerová

Discover the hidden potential in your voice with Therapy Through Singing With a Live Band!

Do you think that singing is just for a few “chosen” people?
Would you like to sing but you don’t have the self-confidence yet?
Within a few hours we will teach you how to become a star!
Autumn 2016 Jamm Club Praha

kurzy zpěvu johany teryngerové

Therapy Through Singing I.

A fantastic course which focuses on the most disturbing thing in most peoples life – Fear. This can be anything from stage fright to the fear of expressing yourself in front of others. Your life will change after this course, you will feel more confident and self assured.

Autumn 2016 

kurz zpěvu johana teryngerová

Therapy Through Singing II.

This course will help you discover something we all had as kids –  Creativity!
Were you also told that you are not talented as a child?
Do you think that you are just an “average” and “boring” person?
It\'s time to grab your life in you own hands!

Autumn 2016 

Singing Through the Body

Learn how to use the magic triad move-sound-breath. A course filled with energy which will make you move, dance and sing to the maximum. A gorgeous combination of music, singing, dancing, breathing exercises with a group of like-minded people.

Autumn 2016 

International summer singing school

A week-long course, in cooperation with MUDr. Milan Hrabánek in Opava.

Course 2017 in Opava